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ŚB 10.11.29


तत्तत्राद्यैव यास्याम: शकटान् युङ्त मा चिरम् ।
गोधनान्यग्रतो यान्तु भवतां यदि रोचते ॥ २९ ॥


tat tatrādyaiva yāsyāmaḥ
śakaṭān yuṅkta mā ciram
godhanāny agrato yāntu
bhavatāṁ yadi rocate


tat — therefore; tatra — there; adya eva — just today; yāsyāmaḥ — let us go; śakaṭān — all the carts; yuṅkta — make ready; ciram — without delay; go-dhanāni — all the cows; agrataḥ — in front; yāntu — let them go; bhavatām — of all of you; yadi — if; rocate — it is pleasing to accept it.


Therefore, let us immediately go today. There is no need to wait any further. If you agree to my proposal, let us prepare all the bullock carts and put the cows in front of us, and let us go there.