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ŚB 10.86.8


तां परं समनुध्यायन्नन्तरं प्रेप्सुरर्जुन: ।
न लेभे शं भ्रमच्चित्त: कामेनातिबलीयसा ॥ ८ ॥


tāṁ paraṁ samanudhyāyann
antaraṁ prepsur arjunaḥ
na lebhe śaṁ bhramac-cittaḥ


tām — on her; param — only; samanudhyāyan — meditating; antaram — the right opportunity; prepsuḥ — waiting to obtain; arjunaḥ — Arjuna; na lebhe — could not experience; śam — peace; bhramat — wavering; cittaḥ — his heart; kāmena — due to lust; ati-balīyasā — most strong.


Meditating only on her and waiting for the opportunity to take her away, Arjuna had no peace. His heart trembled with passionate desire.


Even while being honored by Lord Balarāma, Arjuna was too distracted to appreciate the Lord’s gracious hospitality. Arjuna’s distraction and Lord Balarāma’s failure to recognize Arjuna in his disguise were both arrangements of the Supreme Lord to enjoy His transcendental pastimes.