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CC Madhya 24.337


japa, stuti, parikramā, daṇḍavat vandana


śaṅkha — of a conchshell; jala — of water; gandha — of incense or scents; puṣpa — of flowers; dhūpa-ādi — of incense, and so on; lakṣaṇa — the characteristics; japa — murmuring; stuti — offering prayers; parikramā — circumambulation; daṇḍavat — offering obeisances; vandana — offering prayers.


“The items of worship, such as water, conchshell, flowers, incense and lamp, should be described. You should also mention chanting softly, offering prayers, circumambulating and offering obeisances. All these should be carefully described.


All these are mentioned in the Hari-bhakti-vilāsa. The eighth vilāsa of that book should be consulted as far as possible.