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ŚB 12.4.37


अनाद्यन्तवतानेन कालेनेश्वरमूर्तिना ।
अवस्था नैव द‍ृश्यन्ते वियति ज्योतिषामिव ॥ ३७ ॥


avasthā naiva dṛśyante
viyati jyotiṣām iva


anādi-anta-vatā — without beginning or end; anena — by this; kālena — time; īśvara — of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; mūrtinā — the representation; avasthāḥ — the different stages; na — not; eva — indeed; dṛśyante — are seen; viyati — in outer space; jyotiṣām — of the moving planets; iva — just as.


These stages of existence created by beginningless and endless time, the impersonal representative of the Supreme Lord, are not visible, just as the infinitesimal momentary changes of position of the planets in the sky cannot be directly seen.


Although everyone knows that the sun is constantly moving in the sky, one cannot normally see the sun moving. Similarly, no one can directly perceive his hair or nails growing, although with the passing of time we perceive the fact of growth. Time, the potency of the Lord, is very subtle and powerful and is an insurmountable barrier to fools who are trying to exploit the material creation.