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ŚB 10.24.30


एतन्मम मतं तात क्रियतां यदि रोचते । अयं गोब्राह्मणाद्रीणां मह्यं च दयितो मख: ॥ ३० ॥


etan mama mataṁ tāta
kriyatāṁ yadi rocate
ayaṁ go-brāhmaṇādrīṇāṁ
mahyaṁ ca dayito makhaḥ


etat — this; mama — My; matam — idea; tāta — O father; kriyatām — may it be carried out; yadi — if; rocate — it is pleasing; ayam — this; go-brāhmaṇa-adrīṇām — for the cows, brāhmaṇas and Govardhana Hill; mahyam — for Me; ca — also; dayitaḥ — cherished; makhaḥ — sacrifice.


This is My idea, O father, and you may carry it out if it appeals to you. Such a sacrifice will be very dear to the cows, the brāhmaṇas and Govardhana Hill, and also to Me.


Whatever is pleasing to the brāhmaṇas, the cows and the Supreme Lord Himself is auspicious and beneficial for the entire world. Spiritually blind “modern” people do not understand this and instead adopt a “scientific” approach to life that is rapidly destroying the entire earth.