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ŚB 10.24.29


स्वलङ्कृता भुक्तवन्त: स्वनुलिप्ता: सुवासस: । प्रदक्षिणां च कुरुत गोविप्रानलपर्वतान् ॥ २९ ॥


sv-alaṅkṛtā bhuktavantaḥ
sv-anuliptāḥ su-vāsasaḥ
pradakṣiṇāṁ ca kuruta


su-alaṅkṛtāḥ — handsomely adorned; bhuktavantaḥ — having eaten to your satisfaction; su-anuliptāḥ — anointed with auspicious sandalwood pulp; su-vāsasaḥ — wearing fine garments; pradakṣiṇām — circumambulation; ca — and; kuruta — you should perform; go — of the cows; vipra — the brāhmaṇas; anala — the sacrificial fires; parvatān — and the hill, Govardhana.


After everyone has eaten to his satisfaction, you should all dress and decorate yourselves handsomely, smear your bodies with sandalwood paste and then circumambulate the cows, the brāhmaṇas, the sacrificial fires and Govardhana Hill.


Lord Kṛṣṇa wanted all the human beings and even the animals to eat nice bhagavat-prasādam, sanctified foods offered to the Lord. To enthuse His relatives with a festive mood, He requested them to dress beautifully with fine clothes and ornaments and to refresh their bodies with luxurious sandalwood paste. The essential activity, however, was the circumambulation of the holy brāhmaṇas, cows, sacrificial fires and especially Govardhana Hill.