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CC Madhya 20.222


dakṣiṇādho hasta haite vāmādhaḥ paryanta
cakrādi astra-dhāraṇa-gaṇanāra anta


dakṣiṇa-adhaḥ — the lower right; hasta — hand; haite — from; vāma-adhaḥ — the lower left hand; paryanta — up to; cakra-ādi — beginning with the disc; astra-dhāraṇa — of holding the weapons; gaṇanāra — of counting; anta — the end.


“The procedure for counting begins with the lower right hand and goes to the upper right hand, the upper left hand, and the lower left hand. Lord Viṣṇu is named according to the order of the weapons He holds in His hands.