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CC Ādi 4.164


কাম, প্রেম,—দোঁহাকার বিভিন্ন লক্ষণ ।
লৌহ আর হেম যৈছে স্বরূপে বিলক্ষণ ॥ ১৬৪ ॥


kāma, prema, — doṅhākāra vibhinna lakṣaṇa
lauha āra hema yaiche svarūpe vilakṣaṇa


kāma — lust; prema — love; doṅhākāra — of the two; vibhinna — separate; lakṣaṇa — symptoms; lauha — iron; āra — and; hema — gold; yaiche — just as; svarūpe — in nature; vilakṣaṇa — different.


Lust and love have different characteristics, just as iron and gold have different natures.


One should try to discriminate between sexual love and pure love, for they belong to different categories, with a gulf of difference between them. They are as different from one another as iron is from gold.