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sabāra agrete
in front of all the devotees — CC Madhya 16.255
sabāra aṅge
on everyone’s body — CC Madhya 12.79
tomā-sabāra saṅga-bale
by the strength of your association — CC Madhya 24.9
sabāra haila camatkāra
everyone became struck with wonder — CC Antya 9.147
sabāra caraṇa vandi’
offering respect to the feet of all the other devotees — CC Madhya 16.192
tomā-sabāra śrī-caraṇa
the lotus feet of all of you — CC Madhya 25.280
sabāra caraṇa
the lotus feet of all of them. — CC Antya 6.150
ei sabāra caraṇa
the lotus feet of all of them — CC Antya 20.144-146
ihāṅ-sabāra darśane
seeing all these Vaiṣṇavas. — CC Antya 7.57
sabāra darśane
everyone’s audience. — CC Antya 7.59
tomā-sabāra duḥkha haila
all of you became very unhappy — CC Madhya 25.170
sabāra ha-ila smaraṇa
everyone could remember. — CC Antya 6.87
everyone remembered. — CC Antya 11.57
sabāra icchā haila
everyone desired. — CC Antya 10.107
sabāra haya sukha
everyone will be happy — CC Madhya 17.18
sabāra icchāya
because of everyone’s desire — CC Madhya 16.285
tomā-sabāra icchāya
only by your will — CC Madhya 25.170
of all of this — CC Madhya 9.334
of all these yavanasCC Antya 3.51
of all of these — CC Antya 3.67
of all of them — CC Ādi 13.124, CC Antya 4.236, CC Antya 15.18
of all the devotees — CC Madhya 7.29
iṅhā sabāra
of all of them — CC Antya 7.50-52, CC Antya 20.96-98
of all these persons — CC Antya 10.153
kuśala sabāra
blessings to everyone — CC Antya 3.207
sabāra kuśala
the well-being of all of them — CC Antya 4.25
of all the people — CC Madhya 9.66
tomā sabāra lāgiyā
due to all of you. — CC Antya 12.72
sabāra madhye
among all of them — CC Madhya 16.34
sabāra mana
everyone’s mind — CC Madhya 24.64
everyone was thinking. — CC Antya 10.61
the minds of all. — CC Antya 16.115
sabāra milana
meeting everyone — CC Antya 12.42
sabāra māthe
on everyone’s head — CC Antya 8.55
sabāra nistāra
liberation of all of them — CC Madhya 17.54
sabāra nāma
everyone’s name — CC Antya 10.124
tomāra paṇḍita-sabāra
of the learned scholars of your community — CC Madhya 18.197
tāṅ-sabāra prasāde
by the mercy of all of them — CC Madhya 12.9
sabāra priya
dear to everyone — CC Antya 4.112
of all of them — CC Ādi 1.37, CC Ādi 1.41

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