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ajāta-rati sādhaka-bhakta
immature devotees engaged in devotional service — CC Madhya 24.291
jāta-rati sādhaka-bhakta
devotees who have become mature by devotional service — CC Madhya 24.290
sādhaka dui bheda
those practicing devotional service are of two varieties — CC Madhya 24.288
with the body of a neophyte devotee — CC Madhya 22.156-157
prospective devotees — CC Ādi 1.64
sādhaka-gaṇa āra
and devotees already engaged in the devotional service of the Lord. — CC Madhya 24.287
with the external body as a devotee practicing regulative devotional service — CC Madhya 22.158
the beginner — CC Madhya 24.108
practicers — CC Madhya 24.118
the devotee — CC Antya 4.60

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