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ŚB 8.23.25


प्राप्य त्रिभुवनं चेन्द्र उपेन्द्रभुजपालित: ।
श्रिया परमया जुष्टो मुमुदे गतसाध्वस: ॥ २५ ॥


prāpya tri-bhuvanaṁ cendra
śriyā paramayā juṣṭo
mumude gata-sādhvasaḥ


prāpya — after obtaining; tri-bhuvanam — the three worlds; ca — also; indraḥ — the King of heaven; upendra-bhuja-pālitaḥ — being protected by the arms of Vāmanadeva, Upendra; śriyā — by opulence; paramayā — by supreme; juṣṭaḥ — thus being served; mumude — enjoyed; gata-sādhvasaḥ — without fear of the demons.


Indra, King of heaven, being protected by the arms of Vāmanadeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, thus regained his rule of the three worlds and was reinstated in his own position, supremely opulent, fearless and fully satisfied.