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CC Ādi 4.176


evaṁ mad-arthojjhita-loka-veda-
svānāṁ hi vo mayy anuvṛttaye ’balāḥ
mayā parokṣaṁ bhajatā tirohitaṁ
māsūyituṁ mārhatha tat priyaṁ priyāḥ


evam — thus; mat-artha — for Me; ujjhita — rejected; loka — popular customs; veda — Vedic injunctions; svānām — own families; hi — certainly; vaḥ — of you; mayi — Me; anuvṛttaye — to increase regard for; abalāḥ — O women; mayā — by Me; parokṣam — invisible; bhajatā — favoring; tirohitam — withdrawn from sight; — Me; asūyitum — to be displeased with; arhatha — you do not deserve; tat — therefore; priyam — who is dear; priyāḥ — O dear ones.


“O My beloved gopīs, you have renounced social customs, scriptural injunctions and your relatives for My sake. I disappeared behind you only to increase your concentration upon Me. Since I disappeared for your benefit, you should not be displeased with Me.”


This text from Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (10.32.21) was spoken by Lord Kṛṣṇa when He returned to the arena of the rāsa-līlā.