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ŚB 3.7.16


साध्वेतद् व्याहृतं विद्वन्नात्ममायायनं हरे: ।
आभात्यपार्थं निर्मूलं विश्वमूलं न यद्बहि: ॥ १६ ॥


sādhv etad vyāhṛtaṁ vidvan
nātma-māyāyanaṁ hareḥ
ābhāty apārthaṁ nirmūlaṁ
viśva-mūlaṁ na yad bahiḥ


sādhu — as good as it should be; etat — all these explanations; vyāhṛtam — thus spoken; vidvan — O learned one; na — not; ātma — the self; māyā — energy; ayanam — movement; hareḥ — of the Personality of Godhead; ābhāti — appears; apārtham — without meaning; nirmūlam — without basis; viśva-mūlam — the origin is the Supreme; na — not; yat — which; bahiḥ — outside.


O learned sage, your explanations are very good, as they should be. Disturbances to the conditioned soul have no other basis than the movement of the external energy of the Lord.


A living entity’s unlawful desire to become one with the Lord in every respect is the root cause of the entire material manifestation, for otherwise the Lord has no need to create such a manifestation, even for His pastimes. The conditioned soul, under the spell of the external energy of the Lord, falsely suffers many unfortunate incidents in material life. The Lord is the predominator of the external energy, māyā, whereas the living entity is predominated by the same māyā under the material condition. The false attempt of the living entity to occupy the predominating post of the Lord is the cause of his material bondage, and the conditioned soul’s attempt to become one with the Lord is the last snare of māyā.