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ŚB 3.32.20


दक्षिणेन पथार्यम्ण: पितृलोकं व्रजन्ति ते ।
प्रजामनु प्रजायन्ते श्मशानान्तक्रियाकृत: ॥ २० ॥


dakṣiṇena pathāryamṇaḥ
pitṛ-lokaṁ vrajanti te
prajām anu prajāyante


dakṣiṇena — southern; pathā — by the path; aryamṇaḥ — of the sun; pitṛ-lokam — to Pitṛloka; vrajanti — go; te — they; prajām — their families; anu — along with; prajāyante — they take birth; śmaśāna — the crematorium; anta — to the end; kriyā — fruitive activities; kṛtaḥ — performing.


Such materialistic persons are allowed to go to the planet called Pitṛloka by the southern course of the sun, but they again come back to this planet and take birth in their own families, beginning again the same fruitive activities from birth to the end of life.


In Bhagavad-gītā, Ninth Chapter, verse 21, it is stated that such persons are elevated to the higher planetary systems. As soon as their lifetimes of fruitive activity are finished, they return to this planet, and thus they go up and come down. Those who are elevated to the higher planets again come back into the same family for which they had too much attachment; they are born, and the fruitive activities continue again until the end of life. There are different prescribed rituals from birth until the end of life, and they are very much attached to such activities.