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ŚB 3.23.39


द्रोणीस्वनङ्गसखमारुतसौभगासु ।
सिद्धैर्नुतो द्युधुनिपातशिवस्वनासु
रेमे चिरं धनदवल्ललनावरूथी ॥ ३९ ॥


droṇīṣv anaṅga-sakha-māruta-saubhagāsu
siddhair nuto dyudhuni-pāta-śiva-svanāsu
reme ciraṁ dhanadaval-lalanā-varūthī


tena — by that airplane; aṣṭa-loka-pa — of the predominating deities of the eight heavenly planets; vihāra — the pleasure grounds; kula-acala-indra — of the king of the mountains (Meru); droṇīṣu — in the valleys; anaṅga — of passion; sakha — the companions; māruta — with breezes; saubhagāsu — beautiful; siddhaiḥ — by the Siddhas; nutaḥ — being praised; dyu-dhuni — of the Ganges; pāta — of the downfall; śiva-svanāsu — vibrating with auspicious sounds; reme — he enjoyed; ciram — for a long time; dhanada-vat — like Kuvera; lalanā — by damsels; varūthī — surrounded.


In that aerial mansion he traveled to the pleasure valleys of Mount Meru, which were rendered all the more beautiful by cool, gentle, fragrant breezes that stimulated passion. In these valleys, the treasurer of the gods, Kuvera, surrounded by beautiful women and praised by the Siddhas, generally enjoys pleasure. Kardama Muni also, surrounded by the beautiful damsels and his wife, went there and enjoyed for many, many years.


Kuvera is one of the eight demigods who are in charge of different directions of the universe. It is said that Indra is in charge of the eastern side of the universe, where the heavenly planet, or paradise, is situated. Similarly, Agni is in charge of the southeastern portion of the universe; Yama, the demigod who punishes sinners, is in charge of the southern portion; Nirṛti is in charge of the southwestern part of the universe; Varuṇa, the demigod in charge of the waters, is in charge of the western portion; Vāyu, who controls the air and who has wings to travel in the air, is in charge of the northwestern part of the universe; and Kuvera, the treasurer of the demigods, is in charge of the northern part of the universe. All these demigods take pleasure in the valleys of Mount Meru, which is situated somewhere between the sun and the earth. In the aerial mansion, Kardama Muni traveled throughout the eight directions controlled by the different demigods described above, and as the demigods go to Mount Meru, he also went there to enjoy life. When one is surrounded by beautiful young girls, sex stimulation naturally becomes prominent. Kardama Muni was sexually stimulated, and he enjoyed his wife for many, many years in that part of Mount Meru. But his sex indulgence was praised by many, many Siddhas, beings who have attained perfection, because it was intended to produce good progeny for the good of universal affairs.