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ŚB 11.8.14


नाधिगच्छेत् स्त्रियं प्राज्ञ: कर्हिचिन्मृत्युमात्मन: ।
बलाधिकै: स हन्येत गजैरन्यैर्गजो यथा ॥ १४ ॥


nādhigacchet striyaṁ prājñaḥ
karhicin mṛtyum ātmanaḥ
balādhikaiḥ sa hanyeta
gajair anyair gajo yathā


na adhigacchet — he should not approach to enjoy; striyam — a woman; prājñaḥ — one who can intelligently discriminate; karhicit — at any time; mṛtyum — death personified; ātmanaḥ — for oneself; bala — in strength; adhikaiḥ — by those who are superior; saḥ — he; hanyeta — will be destroyed; gajaiḥ — by elephants; anyaiḥ — by others; gajaḥ — an elephant; yathā — just as.


A man possessing intelligent discrimination should not under any circumstances try to exploit the beautiful form of a woman for his sense gratification. Just as an elephant trying to enjoy a she-elephant is killed by other bull elephants also enjoying her company, one trying to enjoy a lady’s company can at any moment be killed by her other lovers who are stronger than he.


Just as one is enchanted by the beautiful form of a woman, many other men will also be enchanted, and there is danger that they will be stronger than oneself and may even jealously kill one. Crimes of passion are extremely common. This is another disadvantage of material life.