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ŚB 10.70.24


ये च दिग्विजये तस्य सन्नतिं न ययुर्नृपा: ।
प्रसह्य रुद्धास्तेनासन्नयुते द्वे गिरिव्रजे ॥ २४ ॥


ye ca dig-vijaye tasya
sannatiṁ na yayur nṛpāḥ
prasahya ruddhās tenāsann
ayute dve girivraje


ye — those who; ca — and; dik-vijaye — during the conquest of all directions; tasya — by him (Jarāsandha); sannatim — complete subservience; na yayuḥ — did not accept; nṛpāḥ — kings; prasahya — by force; ruddhāḥ — made captive; tena — by him; āsan — they were; ayute — ten thousands; dve — two; giri-vraje — in the fortress known as Girivraja.


Twenty thousand kings who had refused to submit absolutely to Jarāsandha during his world conquest had been forcibly imprisoned by him in the fortress named Girivraja.


Śrīla Viśvanātha Cakravartī points out that these kings refused the payment of tribute and other forms of submission to Jarāsandha. Also, there is a well-known account in the Mahābhārata and other literatures that Jarāsandha desired to worship Mahā-bhairava by offering him the lives of one hundred thousand kings in sacrifice.