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ŚB 10.51.62


क्षात्रधर्मस्थितो जन्तून् न्यवधीर्मृगयादिभि: ।
समाहितस्तत्तपसा जह्यघं मदुपाश्रित: ॥ ६२ ॥


kṣātra-dharma-sthito jantūn
nyavadhīr mṛgayādibhiḥ
samāhitas tat tapasā
jahy aghaṁ mad-upāśritaḥ


kṣātra — of the ruling class; dharma — in the religious principles; sthitaḥ — situated; jantūn — living beings; nyavadhīḥ — you killed; mṛgayā — in the course of hunting; ādibhiḥ — and other activities; samāhitaḥ — fully concentrated; tat — that; tapasā — by penances; jahi — you should eradicate; agham — sinful reaction; mat — in Me; upāśritaḥ — taking shelter.


Because you followed the principles of a kṣatriya, you killed living beings while hunting and performing other duties. You must vanquish the sins thus incurred by carefully executing penances while remaining surrendered to Me.