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CC Madhya 20.370


vaikuṇṭhe ‘śeṣa’ — dharā dharaye ‘ananta’
ei mukhyāveśāvatāra — vistāre nāhi anta


vaikuṇṭhe — in the spiritual world; śeṣa — Lord Śeṣa; dharā dharaye — carries innumerable planets; ananta — Ananta; ei — these; mukhya-āveśa-avatāra — primary directly empowered incarnations; vistāre — in expanding them; nāhi — there is not; anta — limit.


“Lord Śeṣa in the spiritual world of Vaikuṇṭha and, in the material world, Lord Ananta, who carries innumerable planets on His hoods, are two primary empowered incarnations. There is no need to count the others, for they are unlimited.