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CC Madhya 20.238


keśava-bhede padma-śaṅkha-gadā-cakra-dhara
mādhava-bhede cakra-gadā-śaṅkha-padma-kara


keśava-bhede — according to the different opinion about Lord Keśava; padma — lotus; śaṅkha — conch; gadā — club; cakra — and disc; dhara — holding; mādhava-bhede — according to the different opinion about the bodily features of Lord Mādhava; cakra — disc; gadā — club; śaṅkha — conch; padma — lotus; kara — in the hands.


“Keśava is described differently as holding the lotus, conch, club and disc, and Mādhava is described as holding the disc, club, conch and lotus in His hands.