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ŚB 9.4.11


गृहाण द्रविणं दत्तं मत्सत्रपरिशेषितम् ।
इत्युक्त्वान्तर्हितो रुद्रो भगवान् धर्मवत्सल: ॥ ११ ॥


gṛhāṇa draviṇaṁ dattaṁ
ity uktvāntarhito rudro
bhagavān dharma-vatsalaḥ


gṛhāṇa — please take now; draviṇam — all the wealth; dattam — is given (to you by me); mat-satra-pariśeṣitam — the remnants of the sacrifice executed on my behalf; iti uktvā — after speaking like this; antarhitaḥ — disappeared; rudraḥ — Lord Śiva; bhagavān — the most powerful demigod; dharma-vatsalaḥ — adherent to the principles of religion.


Lord Śiva said, “Now you may take all the wealth remaining from the sacrifice, for I give it to you.” After saying this, Lord Śiva, who is most adherent to the religious principles, disappeared from that place.