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ŚB 5.22.6


अथ च यावतार्धेन नभोवीथ्यां प्रचरति तं कालमयनमाचक्षते ॥ ६ ॥


atha ca yāvatārdhena nabho-vīthyāṁ pracarati taṁ kālam ayanam ācakṣate.


atha — now; ca — also; yāvatā — by as long as; ardhena — half; nabhaḥ-vīthyām — in outer space; pracarati — the sun moves; tam — that; kālam — time; ayanamayana; ācakṣate — is said.


Thus the time the sun takes to rotate through half of outer space is called an ayana, or its period of movement [in the north or in the south].