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ŚB 3.1.14


इत्यूचिवांस्तत्र सुयोधनेन
प्रवृद्धकोपस्फुरिताधरेण ।
असत्कृत: सत्स्पृहणीयशील:
क्षत्ता सकर्णानुजसौबलेन ॥ १४ ॥


ity ūcivāṁs tatra suyodhanena
asat-kṛtaḥ sat-spṛhaṇīya-śīlaḥ
kṣattā sakarṇānuja-saubalena


iti — thus; ūcivān — while speaking; tatra — there; suyodhanena — by Duryodhana; pravṛddha — swollen with; kopa — anger; sphurita — flapping; adhareṇa — lips; asat-kṛtaḥ — insulted; sat — respectable; spṛhaṇīya-śīlaḥ — desirable qualities; kṣattā — Vidura; sa — with; karṇa — Karṇa; anuja — younger brothers; saubalena — with Śakuni.


While speaking thus, Vidura, whose personal character was esteemed by respectable persons, was insulted by Duryodhana, who was swollen with anger and whose lips were trembling. Duryodhana was in company with Karṇa, his younger brothers and his maternal uncle Śakuni.


It is said that giving good counsel to a foolish person causes the fool to become angry, just as feeding milk to a snake only increases its venomous poison. Saint Vidura was so honorable that his character was looked up to by all respectable persons. But Duryodhana was so foolish that he dared to insult Vidura. This was due to his bad association with Śakuni, his maternal uncle, as well as with his friend Karṇa, who always encouraged Duryodhana in his nefarious acts.