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ŚB 11.22.48


एता मनोरथमयीर्हान्यस्योच्चावचास्तनू: ।
गुणसङ्गादुपादत्ते क्व‍‍चित् कश्चिज्जहाति च ॥ ४८ ॥


etā manoratha-mayīr
hānyasyoccāvacās tanūḥ
guṇa-saṅgād upādatte
kvacit kaścij jahāti ca


etāḥ — these; manaḥ-rathaḥ-mayīḥ — achieved by meditation of the mind; ha — certainly; anyasya — of the body (who is separate from the self); ucca — greater; avacāḥ — and lesser; tanūḥ — bodily conditions; guṇa-saṅgāt — because of associating with the modes of nature; upādatte — he accepts; kvacit — sometimes; kaścit — someone; jahāti — gives up; ca — and.


Although the material body is different from the self, because of the ignorance due to material association one falsely identifies oneself with the superior and inferior bodily conditions. Sometimes a fortunate person is able to give up such mental concoction.


One who has received the special mercy of the Supreme Lord is able to give up the mental concoction of bodily identification. Thus there is always a chance of escaping the cycle of birth and death.