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ŚB 11.10.24


स्वपुण्योपचिते शुभ्रे विमान उपगीयते ।
गन्धर्वैर्विहरन् मध्ये देवीनां हृद्यवेषधृक् ॥ २४ ॥


sva-puṇyopacite śubhre
vimāna upagīyate
gandharvair viharan madhye
devīnāṁ hṛdya-veṣa-dhṛk


sva — his own; puṇya — by the pious activities; upacite — accumulated; śubhre — shining; vimāne — in an airplane; upagīyate — is glorified by songs; gandharvaiḥ — by the heavenly Gandharvas; viharan — enjoying life; madhye — in the middle; devīnām — of heavenly goddesses; hṛdya — charming; veṣa — clothes; dhṛk — wearing.


Having achieved the heavenly planets, the performer of ritualistic sacrifices travels in a glowing airplane, which he obtains as the result of his piety on earth. Being glorified by songs sung by the Gandharvas and dressed in wonderfully charming clothes, he enjoys life surrounded by heavenly goddesses.