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ŚB 10.84.63


प्रागकल्पाच्च कुशलं भ्रातर्वो नाचराम हि ।
अधुना श्रीमदान्धाक्षा न पश्याम: पुर: सत: ॥ ६३ ॥


prāg akalpāc ca kuśalaṁ
bhrātar vo nācarāma hi
adhunā śrī-madāndhākṣā
na paśyāmaḥ puraḥ sataḥ


prāk — previously; akalpāt — because of incapacity; ca — and; kuśalam — welfare; bhrātaḥ — O brother; vaḥ — your; na ācarāma — we did not carry out; hi — indeed; adhunā — now; śrī — with opulence; mada — due to the intoxication; andha — blinded; akṣāḥ — whose eyes; na paśyāmaḥ — we fail to see; puraḥ — in front; sataḥ — present.


Previously, dear brother, we did nothing to benefit you because we were unable to, yet even now that you are present before us, our eyes are so blinded by the intoxication of material good fortune that we continue to ignore you.


While living under the tyranny of Kaṁsa, Vasudeva was unable to do anything to help Nanda and his subjects defend themselves against the many demons sent from Mathurā to kill Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma.