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ŚB 10.84.40


त्वं त्वद्य मुक्तो द्वाभ्यां वै ऋषिपित्रोर्महामते ।
यज्ञैर्देवर्णमुन्मुच्य निर्ऋणोऽशरणो भव ॥ ४० ॥


tvaṁ tv adya mukto dvābhyāṁ vai
ṛṣi-pitror mahā-mate
yajñair devarṇam unmucya
nirṛṇo ’śaraṇo bhava


tvam — you; tu — but; adya — now; muktaḥ — freed; dvābhyām — from two (of the debts); vai — certainly; ṛṣi — to the sages; pitroḥ — and to the forefathers; mahā-mate — O generous one; yajñaiḥ — by Vedic sacrifices; deva — to the demigods; ṛṇam — from the debt; unmucya — relieving yourself; nirṛṇaḥ — without debt; aśaraṇaḥ — without material shelter; bhava — become.


But you, O magnanimous soul, are already free from two of your debts — those to the sages and the forefathers. Now absolve yourself of your debt to the demigods by executing Vedic sacrifices, and in this way free yourself completely of debt and renounce all material shelter.