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ŚB 10.51.49


प्रवृद्धलोभं विषयेषु लालसम् ।
त्वमप्रमत्त: सहसाभिपद्यसे
क्षुल्ल‍ेलिहानोऽहिरिवाखुमन्तक: ॥ ४९ ॥


pramattam uccair itikṛtya-cintayā
pravṛddha-lobhaṁ viṣayeṣu lālasam
tvam apramattaḥ sahasābhipadyase
kṣul-lelihāno ’hir ivākhum antakaḥ


pramattam — thoroughly deluded; uccaiḥ — extensive; iti-kṛtya — of what needs to be done; cintayā — with thought; pravṛddha — increased fully; lobham — whose greed; viṣayeṣu — for sense objects; lālasam — hankering; tvam — You; apramattaḥ — not deluded; sahasā — suddenly; abhipadyase — confront; kṣut — out of thirst; lelihānaḥ — licking its fangs; ahiḥ — a snake; iva — as; ākhum — a mouse; antakaḥ — death.


A man obsessed with thoughts of what he thinks needs to be done, intensely greedy, and delighting in sense enjoyment is suddenly confronted by You, who are ever alert. Like a hungry snake licking its fangs before a mouse, You appear before him as death.


We may note here the contrast between the words pramattam and apramattaḥ. Those who are trying to exploit the material world are pramatta: “deluded, bewildered, maddened by desire.” But the Lord is apramatta: “alert, sober, and unbewildered.” In our madness we may deny God or His laws, but the Lord is sober and will not fail to reward or punish us according to the quality of our activities.