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ŚB 10.41.30


दध्यक्षतै: सोदपात्रै: स्रग्गन्धैरभ्युपायनै: ।
तावानर्चु: प्रमुदितास्तत्र तत्र द्विजातय: ॥ ३० ॥


dadhy-akṣataiḥ soda-pātraiḥ
srag-gandhair abhyupāyanaiḥ
tāv ānarcuḥ pramuditās
tatra tatra dvijātayaḥ


dadhi — with yogurt; akṣataiḥ — unbroken barleycorns; sa — and; uda-pātraiḥ — with pots filled with water; srak — with garlands; gandhaiḥ — and fragrant substances; abhyupāyanaiḥ — and also with other items of worship; tau — the two of Them; ānarcuḥ — worshiped; pramuditāḥ — joyful; tatra tatra — in various places; dvi-jātayaḥbrāhmaṇas.


Brāhmaṇas standing along the way honored the two Lords with presentations of yogurt, unbroken barleycorns, pots full of water, garlands, fragrant substances such as sandalwood paste, and other items of worship.