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ŚB 10.34.15


तं त्वाहं भवभीतानां प्रपन्नानां भयापहम् ।
आपृच्छे शापनिर्मुक्त: पादस्पर्शादमीवहन् ॥ १५ ॥


taṁ tvāhaṁ bhava-bhītānāṁ
prapannānāṁ bhayāpaham
āpṛcche śāpa-nirmuktaḥ
pāda-sparśād amīva-han


tam — that same person; tvā — You; aham — I; bhava — of material existence; bhītānām — for those who are afraid; prapannānām — who are surrendered; bhaya — of fear; apaham — the remover; āpṛcche — I request permission; śāpa — from the curse; nirmuktaḥ — freed; pāda-sparśāt — by the touch of Your foot; amīva — of all distress; han — O destroyer.


My Lord, You destroy all fear for those who, fearing this material world, take shelter of You. By the touch of Your feet I am now freed from the curse of the sages. O destroyer of distress, please let me return to my planet.


According to the ācāryas, the word āpṛcche indicates that Sudarśana humbly requested the Lord for permission to return to his abode, where he might take up his duties again, certainly in a chastened state of mind.