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ŚB 10.34.14


शापो मेऽनुग्रहायैव कृतस्तै: करुणात्मभि: ।
यदहं लोकगुरुणा पदा स्पृष्टो हताशुभ: ॥ १४ ॥


śāpo me ’nugrahāyaiva
kṛtas taiḥ karuṇātmabhiḥ
yad ahaṁ loka-guruṇā
padā spṛṣṭo hatāśubhaḥ


śāpaḥ — the curse; me — my; anugrahāya — for the benediction; eva — certainly; kṛtaḥ — created; taiḥ — by them; karuṇa-ātmabhiḥ — who are merciful by nature; yat — since; aham — I; loka — of all the worlds; guruṇā — by the spiritual master; padā — with His foot; spṛṣṭaḥ — touched; hata — destroyed; aśubhaḥ — all inauspiciousness.


It was actually for my benefit that those merciful sages cursed me, since now I have been touched by the foot of the supreme spiritual master of all the worlds and have thus been relieved of all inauspiciousness.