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ŚB 10.18.5


कह्लारकुञ्जोत्पलरेणुहारिणा ।
न विद्यते यत्र वनौकसां दवो
निदाघवह्न्यर्कभवोऽतिशाद्वले ॥ ५ ॥


na vidyate yatra vanaukasāṁ davo
nidāgha-vahny-arka-bhavo ’ti-śādvale


sarit — of the rivers; saraḥ — and the lakes; prasravaṇa — (coming into contact with) the currents; ūrmi — and waves; vāyunā — by the wind; kahlāra-kañja-utpala — of the kahlāra, kañja and utpala lotuses; reṇu — the pollen; hāriṇā — which was taking away; na vidyate — there was not; yatra — in which; vana-okasām — for the residents of the forest; davaḥ — tormenting heat; nidāgha — of the summer season; vahni — by forest fires; arka — and the sun; bhavaḥ — generated; ati-śādvale — where there was an abundance of green grass.


The wind wafting over the waves of the lakes and flowing rivers carried away the pollen of many varieties of lotuses and water lilies and then cooled the entire Vṛndāvana area. Thus the residents there did not suffer from the heat generated by the blazing summer sun and seasonal forest fires. Indeed, Vṛndāvana was abundant with fresh green grass.