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ŚB 10.16.53


विधेहि ते किङ्करीणामनुष्ठेयं तवाज्ञया ।
यच्छ्रद्धयानुतिष्ठन् वै मुच्यते सर्वतोभयात् ॥ ५३ ॥


vidhehi te kiṅkarīṇām
anuṣṭheyaṁ tavājñayā
yac-chraddhayānutiṣṭhan vai
mucyate sarvato bhayāt


vidhehi — please order; te — Your; kiṅkarīṇām — by the maidservants; anuṣṭheyam — what should be done; tava — Your; ājñayā — by the command; yat — which; śraddhayā — with faith; anutiṣṭhan — executing; vai — certainly; mucyate — one will become freed; sarvataḥ — from all; bhayāt — fear.


Now please tell us, Your maidservants, what we should do. Certainly anyone who faithfully executes Your order is automatically freed from all fear.


The surrender of Kāliya’s wives was now complete, and Lord Kṛṣṇa immediately gave them His mercy, as described in the following verses.