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CC Madhya 3.183


nīlācale navadvīpe yena dui ghara
loka-gatāgati-vārtā pāba nirantara


nīlācale — at Jagannātha Purī; navadvīpe — as well as Navadvīpa; yena — as if; dui — two; ghara — rooms; loka — people; gatāgati — come and go; vārtā — news; pāba — I shall get; nirantara — always.


“Since Jagannātha Purī and Navadvīpa are intimately related — as if they were two rooms in the same house — people from Navadvīpa generally go to Jagannātha Purī, and those in Jagannātha Purī go to Navadvīpa. This going and coming will help carry news of Lord Caitanya. In this way I will be able to get news of Him.