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CC Madhya 3.110


gaura-deha-kānti sūrya jiniyā ujjvala
aruṇa-vastra-kānti tāhe kare jhala-mala


gaura — fair-complexioned; deha — of the body; kānti — the luster; sūrya — the sun; jiniyā — conquering; ujjvala — bright; aruṇa — reddish; vastra-kānti — the beauty of the garments; tāhe — in that; kare — does; jhala-mala — glittering.


They saw Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu’s very fair-complexioned body and its bright luster, which conquered the brilliance of the sun. Over and above this was the beauty of the saffron garments that glittered upon His body.