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CC Madhya 24.37


viśuddhābdhi-sthitasya me
sukhāni goṣ-padāyante
brāhmāṇy api jagad-guro


tvat — Your; sākṣāt — meeting; karaṇa — such action; āhlāda — pleasure; viśuddha — spiritually purified; abdhi — ocean; sthitasya — being situated; me — by me; sukhāni — happiness; goṣ-padāyante — becomes like a small hole created by the hoof of a calf; brāhmāṇi — the pleasure derived from impersonal Brahman understanding; api — also; jagat-guro — O master of the universe.


“ ‘My dear Lord, O master of the universe, since I have directly seen You, my transcendental bliss has taken the shape of a great ocean. Being situated in that ocean, I now realize all other so-called happiness to be like the water contained in the hoofprint of a calf.’


This is a verse from the Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya (14.36).