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CC Madhya 20.400


smṛtaḥ pūrṇatamo budhaiḥ
asarva-vyañjakaḥ pūrṇa-
taraḥ pūrṇo ’lpa-darśakaḥ


prakāśita-akhila-guṇaḥ — having all transcendental qualities manifested; smṛtaḥ — is understood; pūrṇa-tamaḥ — most perfect; budhaiḥ — by learned scholars; asarva-vyañjakaḥ — having qualities not fully manifested; pūrṇa-taraḥ — more perfect; pūrṇaḥ — perfect; alpa-darśakaḥ — still less fully manifested.


“ ‘When the Supreme Personality of Godhead does not manifest all His transcendental qualities, He is called complete. When all the qualities are manifested, but not fully, He is called more complete. When He manifests all His qualities in fullness, He is called most complete. This is the version of all learned scholars in the devotional science.