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CC Madhya 20.278


iṅho mahat-sraṣṭā puruṣa — ‘mahā-viṣṇu’ nāma
ananta brahmāṇḍa tāṅra loma-kūpe dhāma


iṅho — He; mahat-sraṣṭā — the creator of the mahat-tattva, or total material energy; puruṣa — the person; mahā-viṣṇu nāma — called Lord Mahā-Viṣṇu; ananta — unlimited; brahmāṇḍa — universes; tāṅra — of His body; loma-kūpe — within the hair holes; dhāma — are situated.


“The first form of Lord Viṣṇu is called Mahā-Viṣṇu. He is the original creator of the total material energy. The innumerable universes emanate from the pores of His body.