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CC Madhya 2.69


tomāra capala-mati,ekatra nā haya sthiti,
tā’te tomāra nāhi kichu doṣa
tumi ta’ karuṇā-sindhu,
āmāra parāṇa-bandhu,
tomāya nāhi mora kabhu roṣa


tomāra — Your; capala-mati — restless mind; ekatra — in one place; — never; haya — is; sthiti — established; te — in that; tomāra — Your; nāhi — there is not; kichu — any; doṣa — fault; tumi — You are; ta’ — certainly; karuṇā-sindhu — the ocean of mercy; āmāra — My; parāṇa-bandhu — friend of the heart; tomāya — toward You; nāhi — there is not; mora — My; kabhu — any time; roṣa — anger.


“My dear Kṛṣṇa, Your mind is always restless. You cannot remain in one place, but You are not at fault for this. You are actually the ocean of mercy, the friend of My heart. Therefore I have no reason to be angry with You.