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Word for Word Index

tumi ageyāna
you are incorrect. — CC Madhya 10.156
tumi baḍa
You are much greater — CC Madhya 25.82
bhaja tumi
engage yourself in His service — CC Madhya 15.142
tumi bhakta
you are a devotee — CC Madhya 6.211
tumi bhikṣā deha
better for you to cook — CC Madhya 17.177
tumi bhikṣā kara
You take Your lunch — CC Madhya 20.74
bhāgyavān tumi
you are very fortunate — CC Madhya 13.97
you are fortunate — CC Madhya 15.228
tumi bhāgyavān
certainly you are very fortunate — CC Madhya 24.281
tumi brahma-sama
you are equal with the impersonal Brahman. — CC Madhya 25.73
tumi cala
you come — CC Madhya 19.28
tumi chuṅile
if You touch — CC Antya 4.152
cāha tumi
you want — CC Antya 4.83
siddha-deha tumi
you are already liberated — CC Antya 11.24
tumi nā dekhāile
if you do not show — CC Antya 13.59
dhanya tumi
you are so fortunate — CC Madhya 1.220
both of you — CC Madhya 5.113
tumi duṅhe
both of you — CC Madhya 16.91
tumi gelā kati
where have You gone — CC Antya 19.53
tumi yāha ghare
You both kindly enter the room. — CC Madhya 3.62
tumi jagat-guru
you are the master of all people — CC Madhya 6.58
You also — CC Antya 3.17
se hao tumi
whatever You may be — CC Ādi 17.114
tumi hao sparśa-maṇi
you are certainly a touchstone. — CC Madhya 24.277
tumi haṭha kaile
if you go on persisting — CC Antya 2.140
tumi jāna
my Lord, please know — CC Madhya 5.32, CC Madhya 5.73
you know — CC Madhya 16.144
tumi nā jānāile
unless You make to understand — CC Antya 4.90
tumi yei kaha
whatever you say — CC Madhya 11.112
kaha tumi
yes, you can speak — CC Madhya 11.4
tumi kaha
you speak — CC Antya 3.182
kahilā tumi
you have spoken — CC Madhya 20.30
tumi kṛpā kaile
if You are merciful — CC Antya 6.131
kara tumi
You can do — CC Madhya 5.96
kara tumi pāna
drink it — CC Madhya 4.25
tumi mana kara
if You so desire — CC Madhya 15.161
tumi karaha smaraṇa
please remember — CC Antya 19.7
karibā tumi mana
you want — CC Madhya 24.328
tumi karilā
have you done — CC Antya 9.117
karāilā tumi
You have caused — CC Antya 5.76

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