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CC Antya 12.50


śivānanda yabe sei bālake milāilā
mahāprabhu pādāṅguṣṭha tāra mukhe dilā


śivānanda — Śivānanda Sena; yabe — when; sei — that; bālake — child; milāilā — introduced; mahāprabhu — Mahāprabhu; pāda-aṅguṣṭha — His toe; tāra — his; mukhe — within the mouth; dilā — pushed.


When Śivānanda Sena introduced the child to Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, the Lord put His toe in the child’s mouth.


In this connection one may refer to Antya-līlā, chapter sixteen, verses 65-75, for information about the later manifestations of the Lord’s mercy on Purī dāsa.