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CC Antya 1.195


kiṁ kāvyena kaves tasya
kiṁ kāṇḍena dhanuṣ-mataḥ
parasya hṛdaye lagnaṁ
na ghūrṇayati yac chiraḥ


kim — what use; kāvyena — with poetry; kaveḥ — of the poet; tasya — that; kim — what use; kāṇḍena — with the arrow; dhanuḥ-mataḥ — of the bowman; parasya — of another; hṛdaye — in the heart; lagnam — penetrating; na ghūrṇayati — does not cause to roll about; yat — which; śiraḥ — the head.


“ ‘What is the use of a bowman’s arrow or a poet’s poetry if they penetrate the heart but do not cause the head to spin?’