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CC Ādi 4.38


কোন কারণে যবে হৈল অবতারে মন ।
যুগধর্ম–কাল হৈল সে কালে মিলন ॥ ৩৮ ॥


kona kāraṇe yabe haila avatāre mana
yuga-dharma-kāla haila se kāle milana


kona kāraṇe — by some reason; yabe — when; haila — there was; avatāre — in incarnation; mana — inclination; yuga-dharma — for the religion of the age; kāla — the time; haila — there was; se kāle — at that time; milana — conjunction.


When the Lord desired to appear for another reason, the time for promulgating the religion of the age also arose.