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ŚB 9.3.4


ते दैवचोदिता बाला ज्योतिषी कण्टकेन वै ।
अविध्यन्मुग्धभावेन सुस्रावासृक् ततो बहि: ॥ ४ ॥


te daiva-coditā bālā
jyotiṣī kaṇṭakena vai
avidhyan mugdha-bhāvena
susrāvāsṛk tato bahiḥ


te — those two; daiva-coditā — as if impelled by providence; bālā — that young daughter; jyotiṣī — two glowworms within the hole of the earthworm; kaṇṭakena — with a thorn; vai — indeed; avidhyat — pierced; mugdha-bhāvena — as if without knowledge; susrāva — came out; asṛk — blood; tataḥ — from there; bahiḥ — outside.


As if induced by providence, the girl ignorantly pierced those two glowworms with a thorn, and when they were pierced, blood began to ooze out of them.