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ŚB 8.6.24


यूयं तदनुमोदध्वं यदिच्छन्त्यसुरा: सुरा: ।
न संरम्भेण सिध्यन्ति सर्वार्था: सान्‍त्वया यथा ॥ २४ ॥


yūyaṁ tad anumodadhvaṁ
yad icchanty asurāḥ surāḥ
na saṁrambheṇa sidhyanti
sarvārthāḥ sāntvayā yathā


yūyam — all of you; tat — that; anumodadhvam — should accept; yat — whatever; icchanti — they desire; asurāḥ — the demons; surāḥ — O demigods; na — not; saṁrambheṇa — by being agitated in anger; sidhyanti — are very successful; sarva-arthāḥ — all desired ends; sāntvayā — by peaceful execution; yathā — as.


My dear demigods, with patience and peace everything can be done, but if one is agitated by anger, the goal is not achieved. Therefore, whatever the demons ask, agree to their proposal.