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ŚB 5.13.11


क्‍वचिच्च शीतातपवातवर्ष-
प्रतिक्रियां कर्तुमनीश आस्ते ।
क्‍वचिन्मिथो विपणन् यच्च किञ्चिद्
विद्वेषमृच्छत्युत वित्तशाठ्यात् ॥ ११ ॥


kvacic ca śītātapa-vāta-varṣa-
pratikriyāṁ kartum anīśa āste
kvacin mitho vipaṇan yac ca kiñcid
vidveṣam ṛcchaty uta vitta-śāṭhyāt


kvacit — sometimes; ca — also; śīta-ātapa-vāta-varṣa — of freezing cold, scorching heat, strong wind and excessive rainfall; pratikriyām — counteraction; kartum — to do; anīśaḥ — being unable; āste — remains in misery; kvacit — sometimes; mithaḥ — one another; vipaṇan — selling; yat ca — whatever; kiñcit — a little bit; vidveṣam — mutual enmity; ṛcchati — obtain; uta — it is so said; vitta-śāṭhyāt — because of cheating one another merely for money.


Sometimes the living entity is busy counteracting the natural disturbances of freezing cold, scorching heat, strong wind, excessive rainfall and so forth. When he is unable to do so, he becomes very unhappy. Sometimes he is cheated in business transactions one after another. In this way, by cheating, living entities create enmity among themselves.


This is an example of the struggle for existence, the attempt to counteract the onslaught of material nature. This creates enmity in society, and consequently society is filled with envious people. One person is envious of another, and this is the way of the material world. The Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement aims at creating an atmosphere of non-envy. Of course it is not possible for everyone to become Kṛṣṇa conscious, but the Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement can create an exemplary society wherein there is no envy.