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ŚB 4.6.46


न वै सतां त्वच्चरणार्पितात्मनां
भूतेषु सर्वेष्वभिपश्यतां तव ।
भूतानि चात्मन्यपृथग्दिद‍ृक्षतां
प्रायेण रोषोऽभिभवेद्यथा पशुम् ॥ ४६ ॥


na vai satāṁ tvac-caraṇārpitātmanāṁ
bhūteṣu sarveṣv abhipaśyatāṁ tava
bhūtāni cātmany apṛthag-didṛkṣatāṁ
prāyeṇa roṣo ’bhibhaved yathā paśum


na — not; vai — but; satām — of the devotees; tvat-caraṇa-arpita-ātmanām — of those who are completely surrendered at your lotus feet; bhūteṣu — among living entities; sarveṣu — all varieties; abhipaśyatām — perfectly seeing; tava — your; bhūtāni — living entities; ca — and; ātmani — in the Supreme; apṛthak — nondifferent; didṛkṣatām — those who see like that; prāyeṇa — almost always; roṣaḥ — anger; abhibhavet — takes place; yathā — exactly like; paśum — the animals.


My dear Lord, devotees who have fully dedicated their lives unto your lotus feet certainly observe your presence as Paramātmā in each and every being, and as such they do not differentiate between one living being and another. Such persons treat all living entities equally. They never become overwhelmed by anger like animals, who can see nothing without differentiation.


When the Supreme Personality of Godhead becomes angry or kills a demon, materially this may appear unfavorable, but spiritually it is a blissful blessing upon him. Therefore pure devotees do not make any distinction between the Lord’s anger and His blessings. They see both with reference to the Lord’s behavior with others and themselves. A devotee does not find fault with the behavior of the Lord in any circumstances.