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ŚB 4.1.22


अप्सरोमुनिगन्धर्वसिद्धविद्याधरोरगै: ।
वितायमानयशसस्तदाश्रमपदं ययु: ॥ २२ ॥


tad-āśrama-padaṁ yayuḥ


apsaraḥ — heavenly society women; muni — great sages; gandharva — inhabitants of the Gandharva planet; siddha — of Siddhaloka; vidyādhara — other demigods; uragaiḥ — the inhabitants of Nāgaloka; vitāyamāna — being spread; yaśasaḥ — fame, reputation; tat — his; āśrama-padam — hermitage; yayuḥ — went.


At that time, the three deities approached the hermitage of Atri Muni, accompanied by the denizens of the heavenly planets, such as the celestial beauties, the Gandharvas, the Siddhas, the Vidyādharas and the Nāgas. Thus they entered the āśrama of the great sage, who had become famous by his austerities.


It is advised in the Vedic literatures that one should take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the Lord of the universe and the master of creation, maintenance and dissolution. He is known as the Supersoul, and when one worships the Supersoul, all other deities, such as Brahmā and Śiva, appear with Lord Viṣṇu because they are directed by the Supersoul.