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ŚB 12.9.16


क्षुत्तृट्परीतो मकरैस्तिमिङ्गिलै-
रुपद्रुतो वीचिनभस्वता हत: ।
तमस्यपारे पतितो भ्रमन् दिशो
न वेद खं गां च परिश्रमेषित: ॥ १६ ॥


kṣut-tṛṭ-parīto makarais timiṅgilair
upadruto vīci-nabhasvatāhataḥ
tamasy apāre patito bhraman diśo
na veda khaṁ gāṁ ca pariśrameṣitaḥ


kṣut — by hunger; tṛṭ — and thirst; parītaḥ — enveloped; makaraiḥ — by the makaras, a species of monster crocodile; timiṅgilaiḥ — and by the timiṅgila, a variety of huge fish that eats whales; upadrutaḥ — harassed; vīci — by the waves; nabhasvatā — and the wind; āhataḥ — tormented; tamasi — in the darkness; apāre — which was unlimited; patitaḥ — having fallen; bhraman — wandering; diśaḥ — the directions; na veda — did not recognize; kham — the sky; gām — the earth; ca — and; pariśrama-iṣitaḥ — overcome by exhaustion.


Tormented by hunger and thirst, attacked by monstrous makaras and timiṅgila fish and battered by the wind and waves, he moved aimlessly through the infinite darkness into which he had fallen. As he grew increasingly exhausted, he lost all sense of direction and could not tell the sky from the earth.