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ŚB 12.4.24


दीपश्चक्षुश्च रूपं च ज्योतिषो न पृथग् भवेत् ।
एवं धी: खानि मात्राश्च न स्युरन्यतमाद‍ृतात् ॥ २४ ॥


dīpaś cakṣuś ca rūpaṁ ca
jyotiṣo na pṛthag bhavet
evaṁ dhīḥ khāni mātrāś ca
na syur anyatamād ṛtāt


dīpaḥ — a lamp; cakṣuḥ — a perceiving eye; ca — and; rūpam — a perceived form; ca — and; jyotiṣaḥ — from the original element fire; na — not; pṛthak — distinct; bhavet — are; evam — in the same way; dhīḥ — intelligence; khāni — the senses; mātrāḥ — the perceptions; ca — and; na syuḥ — they are not; anyatamāt — which is itself completely distinct; ṛtāt — from the reality.


A lamp, the eye that views by the light of that lamp, and the visible form that is viewed are all basically nondifferent from the element fire. In the same way, intelligence, the senses and sense perceptions have no existence separate from the supreme reality, although that Absolute Truth remains totally distinct from them.